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Recovery and rejuvenation

Muscle strain and damage are inherent to the training process. Specialists across the spectrum from sports nutritionists to strength and conditioning trainers to sleep counselors are continually weighing in with new insights on striking the right balance between exertion and recovery to maximize power, endurance, and speed. Here are some of the recent contributions to that conversation that we’ve been following:

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Magnesium, the overlooked mineral

It seems that rarely a week goes by without another article by a medical, sports, or nutrition expert rediscovering the importance of magnesium in keeping human bodies strong and healthy. Despite this, there is still a good deal of debate over how much magnesium to use, where to use it, and how to measure its effect. These are some of the more interesting authors and research we’ve been following on these subjects:

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Magnesium sulfate and other widely used mineral salts

You’ll find Epsom salt and its companion mineral bath salts in gyms, training facilities, physical therapy clinics, and PT clinics and medicine cabinets across the US, but few people give much thought to what they are and how they work. These are links to the sites of manufacturers, marketers, and advocates with valuable information and perspectives for those who want to learn more:

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