About Sore+Tired®

How much mineral in a mineral bath?

Most brands of mineral salts recommend using 2 cups (.47 liters) of mineral salt in a tub of water for postworkout recovery and rejuvenation. Since the average tub with an adult person in it contains approximately 12 gallons (45.4 liters) of water, this results in a concentration of about 10.5 mg of mineral salt per teaspoon of water. By comparison, Sore+Tired products contain over a third of a gram (350 mg) of mineral salt per teaspoon, over 30x more than in a mineral bath.

But will it work like a mineral bath?

All the convenience in the world would be meaningless if we couldn’t match an Epsom salt bath where it matters: delivering magnesium through the skin. To measure this we worked with an independent lab that compared the magnesium skin permeation of Sore+Tired with a magnesium-based mineral salt.

The lab prepared test plates using human skin from a tissue bank and measured the amount of magnesium that crossed the skin barrier over 24 hours from Sore+Tired BLUE and 4 comparators: magnesium salts and water at room temperature, magnesium salts and water at bath temperature (38o C), an alternative formulation of magnesium salts including a chemical called DMSO to promote skin permeation, and pure water, which was used as a control.

The graph above shows the results of the study, where Sore+Tired achieved 24-hour skin permeation at a rate equivalent to or better than an Epsom salt bath and other alternatives. We should also point out that in real life, no one will have continuous exposure to a bath for hours—but with Sore+Tired products, you can have 24-hour magnesium coverage.

From tub to tube, the challenge of premixed mineral salts

Long before there was a Sore+Tired formulation, there was what seemed like a simple idea to premix mineral salts and water for convenient, localized use on the go. But it turned out to be anything but simple.

To start, water and mineral salts alone run off the skin and won’t stay where they’re needed. What does stay behind leaves an itchy, salty film when it dries.

At Sore+Tired, we solved both of these problems by placing the mineral salt and water solution inside a novel hydrogel to hold it against the skin.  Then we added a proprietary mix of cosmetic-grade emollients, vitamins, and botanicals to prevent scaling and irritation. The resulting formulation applies evenly, stays in place, and dries quickly, without sticking or staining.

Tested on athletes, not animals

Sore+Tired products were developed in collaboration with the people who use them today. Those dedicated athletes, performers, public safety professionals, and military leaders evaluated different formulations and provided the feedback that led to the Sore+Tired product you can buy on this site.

The safety of both Sore+Tired BLUE and GOLD were ascertained by an independent testing lab using human subjects and nonanimal models. In all tests, both Sore+Tired BLUE and GOLD were classified as “nonirritants,” the best possible rating.

Use with Confidence

Sore+Tired products are manufactured in the United States in a cGMP certified facility. The quality and purity of each individual ingredient is confirmed prior to formulation, and each batch is tested to ensure that no ingredients other than those on the label are present in the final product.

In addition, both Sore+Tired BLUE and GOLD have been tested by an independent, anti-doping lab and certified to contain no substances or adulterants regulated or banned by any of the leading professional or amateur sports associations.  For more information about the testing or questions about the substances and adulterants tested, email our customer support department at info@soreandtired.com.

Sore+Tired vs hot/cold rubs

People always ask us to compare Sore+Tired and the popular sports rubs that make your skin feel hot or cold, but they are really two completely different products with different ingredients and different purposes.

Sore+Tired products are for sore and tired muscles, but they are not pain medicines.  Sore+Tired BLUE and GOLD were created to help address the underlying causes of pain by providing the magnesium and other minerals your muscles need to recover and rejuvenate.

So we say, just as you use both analgesics like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and nutritional support such as vitamins, amino acids and proteins, there’s no reason your gym bag or medicine cabinet shouldn’t have both the hot/cold rubs for acute pain and inflammation, and Sore+Tired to promote better muscle health over the long term.