Why Sore+Tired?

Sore+Tired is dedicated to anyone fighting to stay active and perform at their best, whether in the gym, on stage, or on the court, field, links, or track.

We recognize that aches and pains are a normal part of pushing your muscles and challenging your body, so we provide products to help keep you in the game by supplying the mineral support you need, directly to the muscles that need it most.

We’re not about bulging veins or raging ‘roids. There’s nothing in our ingredients that won’t pass a pee test, or that you have to keep a secret from your coach, teammates or social media followers.

We don’t claim to have miracle cures, and we steer clear of sketchy doctors and slick “expert” spokespersons.

We make products based on natural ingredients, with proven effects that help active people who challenge their bodies and push their limits.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro, a struggling amateur, weekend warrior, aging jock, or sunrise gym rat, if you’re pursuing a lifelong passion or just caught the bug, we want to be the edge you need to accomplish whatever’s next.