Who uses Sore+Tired® mineral salts?

We couldn’t be more proud of the people who rely on Sore+Tired to stay in the game, from the local gym to professional arenas, to military and first responders. Here are some of their stories.

I really enjoy using SORE+TIRED after games and hard practices before I go to bed that night.  The magnesium and potassium in SORE+TIRED GOLD promote a good night’s rest while making sure my legs are properly recovered for the next day.  By having it in a gel form allows for easy application and convenience to be done at home or on road trips, making it an easy recovery tool to add to your routine!

Brian Cooper

Professional Hockey Player and 2022 Winter Olympian

I just want to say that I absolutely love Sore+Tired. Wrestling is hard enough as it is, but Sore+Tired has really helped improve my training because I no longer have to worry about my over worked muscles, but instead can focus on working harder and tossing my opponents through the air.  Remember the days of epsom salt baths? Well imagine all that therapy in a tube. It helps me relax and perform the best I possibly can on competition days and helps me recover more quickly! Thank you!

Breanna Packheiser

Women’s USA Wrestling, SAWA All Star Team

“Sore and tired? Never. Sore+Tired changed my game. I can push myself to the fullest in my workouts knowing I won’t regret it the next day. With a clear label of what is in the cream I can confidently know how it affects me. Sore+Tired will leave you feeling better than ever.”

Max Stakun-Pickering

US National Decathlon Champion 2021

I was initially introduced to Sore and Tired when I was given some samples during my attendance at the IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science) symposium in 2019. I started applying to patients at the end of their session without offering much of an endorsement because I really didn’t know if it was effective. Virtually every patient came back sharing how helpful they found this product at reducing muscle soreness and discomfort post exercise and it is now my “Go to” topical ointment that I either use at the end of a vigorous session or recommend to my highly active and athletic patients of all ages from weekend warriors to prima ballerinas! My personal use has further solidified my confidence in this product. I highly recommend!

Maribeth Crupi, PT

Owner and Practicing Therapist Maribeth Crupi Physical Therapy LLC

Being introduced to Sore+Tired® this past year has been a game changer to the student athletes I work with. Student athletes have felt their muscles recover faster in the shortened seasons.  Working with Sore+Tired and following the science behind the magnesium sulfate formulation helps by saving time versus Epsom salt baths and can be applied directly after bathing as an added convenience.  After a few applications the student athletes have said they don’t feel sore and they don’t feel tired!

Christopher Napoli

Athletic Trainer

Many of my patients are professional dancers from New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theater and Broadway musicals. I have recommended other magnesium creams and gels for decades to aid in muscular release but none compare to the efficacy of Sore & Tired. Patients in the performing arts as well as other patients have experienced significant results with Sore and Tired, quickly easing or even eliminating their muscle spasms. I’m happy to say that results with Sore & Tired have been outstanding! I believe that everyone should have a tube of Sore & Tired at home as a first aid remedy for unwanted muscular contractions!

Dr. Roy H. Siegel

Doctor of Chiropractic

Sore+Tired is a game changer in terms of recovery. I massage it into the shin splints I get right above my ankle, and I feel both an instant relief and alleviated pain in the workouts that follow. I’ve also used it on a nagging patellar tendinopathy I had post IRONMAN and it cleared up within a few days of rubbing Sore+Tired on it. The ease and convenience is unmatched.

Justin Lippert

4xUSA Triathlon National Champion, Founder, Full Send Triathlon

Since my days racing as a professional, it’s long been a ‘secret’ that pros routinely take Epsom salt baths to promote recovery. Now that that we can enjoy the same benefits from taking an Epsom bath in the form of a gel—it’s a no-brainer.

Hunter Allen

Former Pro Cyclist, USA Cycling Level 1 Coach, Author of ‘Training and Racing with a Power Meter’, Peaks Coaching Group Founder and CEO. 

I tried Sore and Tired hoping it would help with post-sprint soreness and cramping.  Sore and Tired exceeded my expectations and allowed me to work out more intensely and stay in the water surfing longer.

Sarah Gerhardt

First Woman to Surf Mavericks, with waves up to 50 feet, it’s one of the biggest surf spots in the world

SORE+TIRED has made it much easier for me to recover and feel rejuvenated the day after a hard day of training. I’ve used many products in the past but this gentle, yet effective, product is just what I need to bounce back. I wake up feeling less sore and ready to go.

Alex Ronzio

Professional figure skater and former team USA member

Sore+Tired is the product I have been looking for my whole career as an athlete. Since I have started using it, I have felt less sore and more refreshed during my runs and workouts, making me a stronger and faster runner. In the age where there is a supplement for just about everything an elite athlete needs, Sore+Tired is the product that makes an instantly noticeable and long-lasting difference.

Olympian Heather MacLean

Team New Balance Boston

I was skeptical about what I’d been hearing about Sore+Tired magnesium rub, but I was 100% wrong! I had upped my long runs, and my hip flexors had been hurting for a few days. I put S+T BLUE on after my shower before bed and woke up in the morning 100% pain free. I also use it now on my back with similar results. I wholeheartedly endorse this product. @kettlebellking

Phil Ross

RKC Master Kettlebell Instructor, Bodyweight Specialist, 8th Degree Black Belt Bando, BJJ Black Belt

We’re seeing good results so far. In SEAL training, we see various aches and pains—shoulders, back, legs, calves, and shin soreness. Some of the people with ligament issues or tendonitis are not seeing the same results as those with muscle soreness, so we’re using that to narrow down the type of pain. I personally use it on my tight leg muscles and lower back. @stewsmith50

Stew Smith

Former Navy SEAL/US Naval Academy Special Ops Team Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Military Fitness Trainer

I believe that Sore+Tired has been beneficial in helping me continue in running competitively at the national level. In all contests, I applied a good portion during the days leading up to and on race day, and I use Sore+Tired products during training to deal with pain and discomfort as it arises.

Greg Tooker

US Senior Games medalist and USA TF Cross Country national champion (75–79-year-old division)

I have benefited greatly from using Sore+Tired products. Being a professional snowboarder for the last 12 years has taken its toll on my body, and the BLUE magnesium rub has been a game changer for me. Being able to stay strong and healthy as an athlete and a parent is my number one goal and I’m happy to have these products in my corner.

Chas Guldemond

The Shred Mentor, professional snowboarder, competitive skateboarder

Every day I wake up feeling different than the day before. The aches and soreness that I develop as a professional dancer are unpredictable. Epsom salt baths used to be a daily part of my routine... but now, Sore+Tired GOLD has given me a better option. It has been a lifesaver to me and the company of Boston Ballet, providing a product that actually works on contact. Not only does it work immediately, but it also gets better as I exercise. I am proud to say that I have made it through my first season in the corps de Ballet, without injury. Sore+Tired does the work offstage, so I can give my everything onstage.

Sage Nicole Humphries

Boston Ballet

When I returned to skiing after my injury, strength and endurance were key issues. My goal when I got to the hill each day was to complete 4 runs before my legs gave out. With Sore+Tired, I was able to steadily extend my day. I apply it in the morning before suiting up and believe it has really made a difference for me.

Jerry Barton

Recreational skier, former US Army Ranger, retired

I use Sore+Tired right after rehearsals and before bed. I love waking up in the morning feeling like my muscles have actually recovered—which used to not be the case. This is true early in rehearsals when the days are long and we’re ramping up intensity, as well as keeping up with the day-to-day demands of performance.
(Photo by Joy Jacobs @joyjacobsphoto)

Sam Szabo

Professional Dancer, Theatre Artist